Where to stay in Zafra?

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Discover where to stay in Zafra! Do you like to travel? What do you think if we discover the mysteries of the South of Extremadura? We tell you

If you are one of those who seek tranquility on your trips, we have the perfect place to stay in Zafra.

But we not only show you the ideal place to stay in Zafra (Badajoz ), but we are going to reveal one of the best kept secrets of this city, a Zafra rural house, located in the old and quiet Jewish quarter of the historic center.

Hotels in Zafra

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You can find many and of the most varied hotels in Zafra, but surely none like this accommodation in Zafra, since it is unique.

We are talking about a 19th century building, protected by Cultural Heritage, recently rehabilitated, specifically in 2022, and in whose works its original elements have been respected, using only typical materials from the area in order to maintain its authenticity and essence.

We cannot speak of a better place to stay in Zafra than our Casa Ernestina, which is also close to the Parador de Zafra.

It is much more than any of the pensions in Zafra that we can we find, and even the best option, ruling out those hotels near Zafra that do not offer the same tranquility as our stays.

Stay at Casa Ernestina

If you finally opt for this wonderful place to stay in Zafra, you can choose between its 8 rooms and its 2 studios .

In any of the cases, you will have at your disposal spacious common rooms, each with their own environments, terraces, patios and even swimming pool .

Between its walls you will find peace and tranquility that will allow you to enjoy beautiful sunsets or simply, that corner where you can have a drink while enjoying a good conversation with friends.

House aimed at the adult public, in order to provide tranquility and comfort in a most genuine environment, giving them the possibility of being able to blend in as if they were one more member