The Casa Ernestina project began to take shape in one of those moments in life when you question whether it is possible to live differently.

It is a story of returns, reunions and discoveries. Just stepping inside for the first time was enough to realise that it was the perfect place. Even with its imperfections and signs of ageing, the house has retained all its beauty and authenticity. A place with lively silence and an easy-going, calm energy that captures you from every corner of the house, inviting you to inhabit it.

It bears the name of its former owner in honour of all the values that she represented and that, in some way, she left imbued in every corner of it. The energy it exudes conjures up serenity, generosity, hospitality, strength, confidence and joy.

While refurbishing the house to turn it into a hotel, our priority was to maintain its charm while preserving its original features and using traditional materials provided to us by local craftspeople.

We can't wait to share the house with you share in our guests' travel experience.

You are invited to discover our region in the south of Extremadura, and to connect with the treasures of this land and its people, with their culture and legacy. A place that will captivate you so much you'll be yearning to return.