Do you want to visit Zafra in one day?

If you want to visit Zafra in one day, these are the places you should not miss: Palace of the Dukes of Feria, Plaza Grande,  ;Plaza Chica, Santa Clara Convent

Are you passing through the south of Extremadura? Do you have a little time? Then make a stop, we suggest you visit Zafra in one day.

What to see in Zafra in one day

Our proposal today is that you get to know Zafra in one day, this unknown city for some and idolized by others.
But, before teaching you what to do in Zafra in one day, we will give you some background.  
This population has about 16,700 inhabitants, and is located to the southwest of the province of Badajoz, in a communications hub that connects several provincial and regional capitals. 
One of the most important and of great fame both nationally and internationally, is its International Livestock Fair, which is held at the end of September and beginning of October and brings together thousands of visitors in each edition. 
Having already located us, it is It's time to spend a day in Zafra. 

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What to do one day in Zafra

There are many things to do and see in Zafra in one day, but as time is short, We will tell you about the most interesting ones, at least for us.

Palace of the Dukes of Feria, the Alcázar 

The first thing we recommend when you go to visit Zafra in one day is this place, the Palace of the Dukes of Feria. 
It is one of the most important military constructions in the province of Badajoz and dates from the year 1443. 
It currently houses the Parador de Turismo de Zafra, where you can sleep and even eat. 
But since we are in a hurry, since we have to visit Zafra in a During the day, we will only look out to enjoy the incredible Mannerist-style cloister.

Plaza Grande

Whatever the time of day, in the Plaza Grande there is always a lot of atmosphere. 
In ancient times, this square was the atrium and cemetery of the Candelaria parish, and the arcades were built in the mid-15th century to encourage commercial transactions. 
Here You will find a multitude of shops and restaurants where you can enjoy the rich gastronomy of Extremadura.

Plaza Chica

Another thing to see when visiting Zafra in one day is the Plaza Chica. 
Since the mid-14th century, this square was the center of the medieval town. 
It is older than the Plaza Grande, and is also á portico. 
The white buildings with two or three floors, the Municipal School of Music and the Arquillo del Pan, the arch that connects the Plaza Chica with the Plaza Grande, are striking.

Santa Clara Museum and Convent

Another place to see in Zafra in one day is the Santa Clara Museum and Convent. 
It was founded in 1428 by the first Lord of Feria, Don Gomez Suarez and his wife Elvira Laso de Mendoza. Although little remains of this first construction, it is worth highlighting the 16th century Mudejar portico, the baroque altarpiece of the church and the cloister.
The Monastery of Santa Clara was created as a funerary pantheon for members of the Feria family and is currently A large part of the rooms of the convent are used as a museum. 
These are just some of the things that we propose, but if you have a bit of time to spare or you have more, and you wonder what to see near Zafra in one day, we recommend that you go down and visit Campiña Sur, where you can see cities like Azuaga and Llerena, both of which have an important historical legacy. 
As well as the hermitage of the Virgen del Ara in Fuente de Arco, known as the Sistine Chapel of Extremadura, or the Roman Theater of Regina, in Reina, which has nothing to envy to that of Mérida.