The best hiking trails in Zafra, Badajoz

Are you looking for the best hiking trails in Zafra? If so, if you are preparing to do hiking trails in the province of Badajoz, you have come to the right place.

Here you will find a varied selection of hiking trails near me, or, rather, near you.< /p>

Easy hiking routes

To start, we will do it with something simple, so that you do not get scared from the start. We will see some Zafra hiking routes with low difficulty.

Walk through Zafra

This proposal could be included within the hiking routes because, although it is an option ideal for walking, it is considered a route because it is not often to meet many people while doing it.It is a circular route of 3.9 kilometers, considered easy, and whose route is usually to do in approximately 58 minutes.

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Zafra - Camino de los Naranjos - Albuera del Castellar Reservoir – Zafra

This route could be classified as the The most beautiful hiking route in Badajoz.

These are also circular hiking trails, with a linear section between Zafra, the Camino de los Naranjos, the Albuera de Castellar Reservoir, the old Camino de la Almarrana and Zafra.

The route can be started from anywhere in Zafra, although we recommend that you do it from the cement erious, since it is here where we will find an information panel on the Ruta de los Naranjos.

It could be included as a river hiking route, since, despite being a perfectly signposted circular path, it includes a detour to the swamp, which is not reflected in the initial route, which is why it is convenient that you go equipped with GPS.

However, the route is not difficult, it is easy and suitable for doing with the family.

These are some of the easiest and best hiking routes in Spain.


You already opt for multi-day hiking routes in Spain, natural park hiking trails or hiking trails with waterfalls, it is important to take into account several aspects:

- Go equipped with appropriate and comfortable clothing and footwear

- Bring water, as well as food for hiking trails

- Carry your mobile phone with a fully charged battery  

And a great desire to enjoy the landscapes and experiences that this type of Zafra hiking trails offer us.